specialty courses

Specialty Courses

Diving takes experience and a whole new range of skills to learn. Every course you take with PADI expands your skill set and your experience. being around other divers allows you to gain greater insight into what diving around the world is like. This in turn opens new doors to new diving opportunities. Meet people, go places do things.

If you are interested in developing your diving adventures further and homing your skills, you may want to consider taking a PADI specialty course.  At Lanta Diver we can offer a whole variety of PADI Specialty Courses including the following :

  • Enriched Air Nitrox – 3 hours in the classroom and dive on Nitrox for no extra charge.
  • Underwater Digital Photography – 1 day on the boat, 2 dives
  • Deep – 2 days on the boat, 4 dives
  • Sidemount – 2 days (1 day confined and 1 day boat), 3 dives
  • Search & Recovery – 2 days on the boat,  4 dives
  • Multi-level & Computer – 1 day on the boat, 2 dives
  • Navigation – 1 day on the boat, 3 dives
  • AWARE Fish Identification – 1 day on the boat, 2 dives
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy – 1 day on the boat, 2 dives

For more information and prices of each specialty please email us on scuba@lantadiver.com