Giant stride with Lanta Diver

Giant stride with Lanta Diver

The dive business

Nine weeks has past since we took our first steps into Lanta Diver as dive business owners. These past weeks have been overwhelming, confusing and fun! Lanta Diver is a well organised dive business, so our aim in the beginning is simply to get to know the staff and the routines in the dive shop. The shop is the heart of Lanta Diver. It is run by Julie who has been with Lanta Diver for many years and has lots of experience of the dive industry. She works all year round in the shop together with Bow, who also has been with us for a long time and as Julie, she knows pretty much all there is to know. In high season the shop team consist of Julie, Bow, Victoria and Steffi. These fantastic four make sure everything runs smoothly and efficient. To know more about our team click here.

There are millions of things to learn about the shop, and one day is not the same as the other. During the low season you have time to go through what needs to be done before the high season kicks in. So far we have been involved in fixing leaking roofs, mending the rail at the pier, pick up the bridge at the pier (it sank!), ordering new t-shirts, work on a new brochure, hire new staff, buy new wetsuits and fins and give social media a relaunch. And these are only some of the things we have been doing the last weeks. Of course with a lot of help from the shop team!

Environmental issues

One important thing to take part in is the pre season clean up in Koh Ha, one of our main dive sites. This is done together with other dive centers on the island. The day after clean up it was time to check on the Coral propagation project, which is a very important environmental activity. I will tell you more about this later on 🙂

Lanta Diver tries to be an environmental friendly dive center but there is always more to be done! So, getting to know the different projects Lanta Diver is involved in (where Coral propagation is one) is also something I will take time for. Some of the goals for this season: promote Trash hero reusable bottles, use less plastic products, motivate customers to wear rash guards when snorkeling (sunscreen damage the coral reefs), sell cotton tote bags to decrease the use of plastic bags, recycle more and so on.

Getting to know our business also means getting to know our boats! All of them has been in ship yard in Phuket for yearly maintenance, getting ready for high season. They look fantastic after their make over and I am very proud of our fleet!

Recycling T-shirts

Our main shop in Saladan is a three storey building and on the third floor we have a room filled with T-shirts. Some weeks ago it was time to go through what we had in stock and it turned out we had loads of t-shirt in size XXXL , and they where HUGE! Absolutley no one could wear them.  I could not just throw them away. Then we thought of Lanta Animal welfare and all the puppies and kittens they have, and all the poop they produce…. We drove over there and gave them four large bags of t-shirts. Happy puppies and problem solved. Lanta animal welfare is a fantastic NGO and of course Lanta diver supports them, both financially and in other ways we can. To read more about Lanta animal welfare click here.