To become a diver, my experience

I took my PADI Open Water certificate because I needed to distract myself after a horrible breakup many many years ago. So it wasn’t really any desire or urge to discover the underwater world that made me do it, I was just unhappy. (Sorry if I disappoint you ;-). I started my Open Water Course in Stockholm, Sweden in winter/early spring and for me the diving was quite a challenge. Cold water means Dry suit and my God what a struggle! The Dry suit did not fit properly and all the air in the suit went down to my feet and made me float up side down most of the time. The water was so cold and I thought my face was going to fall off. When I finally completed the course I was so proud of myself! I think I did like 4-6 dives in Stockholm after my certification despite the conditions because I really enjoyed breathing under water! Nevertheless I was dreaming of warm water and tropical fish.. I know diving in Sweden can be amazing, and I do admire all you “hard core” divers out there, but cold water just isn’t for me.

Diving with Lanta Diver

My first dives in tropical water was in Thailand and with Lanta Diver! I remember my first dive and it was an amazing experience! Crystal clear water, around + 29 Celsius and loads of beautiful Marine life! There they were; Clown fish, Parrot fish, Barracuda, Lion fish, Scorpion fish, Morish Idol, Bat fish, sea snake and even sharks! It was like coming to paradise. Absolutely stunning. Later on, me and my family kept coming back to Koh Lanta and Lanta Diver and I also got my Advanced certification with Lanta Diver. So, my heart has been in this dive center for many years and I can promise you an amazing experience if you choose to dive with Lanta Diver! From pick up from your resort, all through the day until we take you back to land. Our staff is professional, well educated and friendly. We have three very well maintained boats and a crew who worked with Lanta Diver for over 15 years! Welcome aboard!

PADI Open Water

Are you curious about what it’s like to breathe under water and what to find under the surface?  Imagine yourself close to beautiful tropical fish and exotic marine life! Lanta Diver offers PADI Open Water courses and you can learn how to dive from ten years of age. The course takes about three to four days to complete and includes knowledge development, confined water and four Open Water Dives. Read more about our diving courses here.

What will I see underwater?

The dive sites around Koh Lanta offers stunning marine life and great diving conditions! The visibility can sometimes be up to 30 meters! You will see all kinds of tropical fish and Marine life, beautiful soft and hard coral.  If you are looking for larger things, they are here! Turtles and reef sharks and even Leopard sharks are seen quite often. If you are very lucky you might see a Whale shark or Manta Rays! Macro diver? Don´t worry! There is a lot for you too! Read more about our different dive sites here.