Say no to plastic

Lanta Diver wants to be a Trash Hero AND help saving the coral reefs. We try to be as environment friendly as possible, and we strive to say no to plastic in our shop and on our boats. It is not that easy though. Whenever you buy something in Thailand (and a lot of other countries of course), you’ll get it in a plastic bag. Almost everything we order to the shop is wrapped in plastic. Some customers specifically ask for a plastic bag when they buy something in the shop. So, should we, meet our customers wishes and provide plastic bags or should we say no, sorry we do not have that?

Changes takes time but we are getting there, step by step.  To ban disposable plastic is easier on the boats than in the shop. We have reusable cutlery, cups and plates. We do not hand out plastic disposable water bottles on our big boats and next step is to try to do the same on the speedboat. We sort out the plastic from the trash, we do not give out straws and the soda comes from large bottles instead of small. We are adding more things on our list and hopefully Lanta Diver soon can be a 100 % Green dive center!

What can you do?

Learn how to say not to plastic bags in Thai: Mai sai tung!  Lanta diver sell tote bags that you can bring with you when you go shopping. Use reusable bottles for water instead of buying plastic bottles. Trash hero bottles are sold in our shop in Saladan and in other placer around the island and you can refill it for free! Say no to straws! If you really want a straw why not bring your own, reusable bamboo straw? When you stay in a hotel or a resort, maybe it is not necessary to have your sheets and towels changed every day? If you want to buy take away, bring your own reusable box.

What are your suggestions? I really would like to know :-).

To read more about Trash Hero click here.


Koh Lanta Coral Propagation Project

Lanta Diver is, together with other dive centers on Koh Lanta, involved in something called Coral Propagation Projekt. It is a Coral reef restoration and rehabilitation project that uses natural methods to grow coral in an eco-friendly manner. The project is developed by Anuar Abdullah of Ocean Quest and endorsed by Sea Sheperd Dive.

The program is quite simple. When a site has been surveyed for propagation, divers collect broken fragments of live coral and small rocks from the location and bring it back to shore in baskets. The corals are sorted and prepared and then attached with superglue to the live rock. A Catalyst is used together with the glue to help bond the coral quickly to the rock. After about two weeks the catalyst dissolves the glue and the coral will have attached itself to the live rock, leaving no glue or toxin behind. The corals are then taken out to chest deep water at low tide and placed on the seabed in a temporary nursery area.

After several month the corals will have grown up to 10 cm. At this time divers can transplant these corals and place them on the reef in their final destination!

I think this project is absolutly brilliant and I am hoping we can educate more people in this method.