My favorite things to do on Koh Lanta!

Oh the joy of living on a tropical island! The sun and the sea, the beaches and the rain forest. The bright days and the dark nights. I am a true beach lover and Oceanholic and most of my favorite things to do on Koh Lanta are of course connected to salt water, sand and […]

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Haven’t been diving for a while?


Haven’t been scuba diving lately? Feeling a bit rusty?  No problem!
We meet divers of all levels. Most people we meet do not dive regularly (some of them did their last dive 20 years ago) and they sometimes feel a bit insecure and nervous about diving again. Do not worry, the Scuba Review program  is just […]

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Things I have learnt so far moving to Koh Lanta




Moving to another country is not easy, even if you are familiar with the place. Someone asked me what things I have learnt so far moving to Koh Lanta and I will try tell you a bit about it 🙂 !
Have Patience and do not rush a Thai person
Patience!  This means patience with others and […]

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Thinking about time

Time flies!

I can not believe how quickly time passes by! It is now five month since we sold everything to move to Koh Lanta. When we came to Lanta in August the island was almost asleep and the beaches were empty. We had time to adjust to the climate, our new life, unpack our things and slowly […]

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Diving around Koh Lanta

I did my first dives for the season yesterday! It was so good to get into the water again! We went to the Bidas and it was like swimming in fish soup. I absolutely love those big schools of fish.

Diving around Koh Lanta is absolutely amazing and still one of the best dive sites in […]

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Lanta Diver Shop Team!

The Shop Ladies at Lanta Diver
Since day one I have felt welcome and comfortable in the shop. This is thanks to the fantastic four; Steffi, Victoria, Julie and Bow! I adore these ladies and I couldn’t ask for better shop staff. Meet Lanta Diver Shop Team!

Steffi  has been living  on Koh Lanta […]

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High season and Christmas at Lanta Diver

High season is here!
High season is here and we love it!  Lots of people arrive in Koh Lanta around Christmas time and many of them wants to dive with us and we couldn’t be more happy!  This high season is the first one for me and Raymond and we are very excited! It can be quite […]

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Lucia on Koh Lanta

How and why Swedish people celebrate Lucia
Lucia is a historical person who was born in year 280 in Syracuse, Italy. Historians say that she actually existed and that she became a martyr because of her Christian faith. There are many stories about Lucia, and it is difficult to know which one is true. How […]

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Lanta Diver support Lanta Animal Welfare


Lanta Animal Welfare
Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW) is one of Koh Lanta’s Non Governmental Organisations. I am sure most of you have heard about them and also visited the center. The welfare center is situated in Long Beach across the road not far from Relax Beach. LAW was founded in 2005 by Junie Kovacs and her […]

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Lanta Diver wants to be a Trash Hero AND help saving the coral reefs

Say no to plastic
Lanta Diver wants to be a Trash Hero AND help saving the coral reefs. We try to be as environment friendly as possible, and we strive to say no to plastic in our shop and on our boats. It is not that easy though. Whenever you buy something in Thailand (and a […]

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