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Koh Ha (The Five Islands)

The Koh Lanta National Marine Park includes Koh Ha which is simply stunning in every way and by far our most popular diving and snorkeling site. The five islands are made up of limestone rocks jutting out of the ocean, creating splendid scenery both on the surface and under the water.  Koh Ha has something for everybody to enjoy.

It is famous for the “Cathedral” where divers can explore the mysterious two large caverns formed at one of the islands.  There are also stunning coral walls, a beautiful lagoon for nice easy diving, schooling fish, lots of macro and, if you look carefully, we often find some quite unusual aquatic life.

The lagoon at Koh Ha also provides a nice protected area for snorkeling and is suitable for all levels and ages.

Koh Ha in Summary

  • Scheduled : Every 1-2 days
  • Journey Time : 2 hours on the big boat
  • Departure Time : 8am
  • Depth : 5m – 30m
  • Visibility : Average 15m – 20m
  • Current : Mild
  • Ability : All levels of diving and snorkeling
  • Marine Park Fee payable